Therapy – Counseling

Some topics

  • Depression or low mood
  • Anxiety, fear and phobias
  • Burnout or fatigue
  • Stress and Panic attacks
  • Loneliness and traumas
  • Mental chaos or disturbing thoughts
  • Increasing health (physical, mental, social, spiritual)
  • Self-discovery, Identity, sexuality
  • Communication and problem-solving techniques
  • Self-compassion and reconciliation
  • Life as a migrant (integration, language, relationships)
  • Life crises (grief, loss of meaning, confusion)
  • Relationship problems, violence
  • Job orientation or life projects

How does it work?

1) At the beginning I want to get to know you; your wishes, your concerns and what you believe is happening in your life

2) At the end of the second session I will tell you the outcome of my assessment. This may include a diagnosis (e.g. depression, anxiety) or a counseling plan

3) We define together three main goals and a plan to achieve them. We will adapt this during the treatment to best fit your needs

4) At the end of treatment, we summarise what we have learned and decide if you feel ready to end our work together or if you need further support


  • Sessions of 50 min.
  • Fixed structure (blocks of 6 to 12 sessions) or flexible (session by session)
  • Counseling also without “concrete problems”. The focus is on improving your quality of life

What can I expect?

  • Assessment of your current situation
  • Collaboration through clear objectives
  • Horizontal and empathic treatment
  • Acquisition of tools and strategies to improve your quality of life
  • New insights and perspectives on your challenges

If you have further questions, you are welcome to read the FAQ section or contact me for a more specific request