Couples therapy

Some Topics

  • Revitalising sexuality, pleasure and joy
  • Intercultural relationships (culture, expectations, language, dynamics)
  • Communication problems (misunderstandings, concealment)
  • Opening or closing a relationship (romantic and/or sexual)
  • Attachment and autonomy in the relationship
  • Life projects (real estate planning, marriage, parenthood, opening a business)
  • Dealing with hurtful experiences (cheating, separation or divorce, loss, mistrust)
  • Empathy and understanding (for myself and for my partner)
  • Violence or aggressiveness

How does it work?

1) At the beginning I want to get to know you; your wishes, your concerns and what you believe is happening in your relationship

2) At the end of the second session I will tell you the outcome of my assessment. This includes an explanatory model of your situation

3) I define with you three main goals and a plan to achieve them. We will adapt this during the treatment to best fit your needs

4) At the end of treatment, we summarise what we have learned and decide if you feel ready to end our work together or if you need further support


  • Sessions of 60 min.
  • Between 6 and 12 sessions in total (more is possible according to need)
  • Counseling also without “concrete problems”. The focus is on improving your quality of life

*One focus of my counselling is alternative and non-monogamous relationships (e.g. relationship anarchy, polyamory, open relationships, asexuality, unconventional families). I would therefore be happy to support you with the design of your individual love constellation

Who is it for?

  • Romantic relationships
  • Family relationships and friendships
  • Work colleagues or work teams
  • Polyamorous relationships and open relationships
  • Relationship-anarchy relationships

What can you expect?

  • Assessment of your current situation
  • Collaborative setting of goals
  • Acquisition of tools and strategies for every day life
  • Non-judgmental and empathetic conversations
  • Impartial and egalitarian approach
  • New insights and perspectives for known challenges

If you have further questions, you are welcome to read the FAQ section or contact me for a more specific request